Gourmet Treats

"ShuGar Daisy's Gourmet Sweet Treats

are prepared homemade using only the freshest,

highest quality of ingredients;

distinction you're sure to taste!"

Themed Candy Apples
Dipped Berries
Candy Apples
Dipped Rods
Designer Apples
Candy Apples
$42 Dz
Dipped Berries
Basic Dipped $24/Dozen
Intricate Dipped $33/Dozen
*Logos, glitter & metallic colors
Dipped Oreos
$24 Dozen
Dipped Apples
Dipped Themed Apples
Chocolate Dipped $42 Dz
Krispy Treats
$24 Dz
Liquor Berries
$48 per dozen
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Dipped Berries $24

Liquor Berries $48dz​


Intricate Dipped $33dz  | Logos, glitter & edible metallic colors (ex: gold & silver)

Dipped Apples

$42/Dozen Candied/Chocolate Dipped

Dipped Oreos

$25 Dozen

Dipped Pretzel Rods


Dipped Krispy Treats


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Additional treats may be available per request

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